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Understanding your requirements and choose the perfect paving for you.
Understanding your requirements will help you to choose the perfect paving solution. Most “pavers” (otherwise known as “paving stones”) can be split into two main types: Manufactured and Natural.

All types of paving installations can contribute significantly to the value of your property. Regardless of the type of installation required; from residential pool areas to industrial parking bays; your new paving solution can be customised to your requirements using a variety of paving patterns and a variety of bricks.

Once you have chosen your type of paver, our professional installation service will make sure your paving lives up to your expectations. We include all the products and services necessary to complete your paving installation from start to finish. From ground preparation all the way though to site cleaning we apply our skills, knowledge and technical expertise to ensure a long-lasting and low maintenance paving solution.

Three Most Popular Pavers


Available in an extensive range of styles, textures and colours, clay brick is widely considered as the “classic” paving solution. Typically used in residential and light commercial projects, clay bricks are most suited for low-to-medium and lighter traffic areas such as swimming pools, home driveways and parking areas.


Highly versatile, durable, and weather-proof concrete brick paving can be used on all types of paving requirements. Concrete is especially well suited to high traffic demands such as heavy commercial and industrial applications, and as such carries a slight premium above other paver options.


A natural building material favoured for its timeless  characteristics, cobblestone has been used since ancient times and  may be considered as one of the first types of pavers. Circular patterns are very popular with this type of paver, which is well suited
for low- and lighter traffic areas such as walkways, garden pathways, entertainment/ braai areas and carports.

Most Popular Patterns

Herringbone 1


One of the most popular choices for driveways, walkways, and
patios thanks to its striking and appealing visual impact. Pavers
are laid at 45- or 90- degree angles to create an interlocking
pattern, making Herringbone Paving a sturdy-to-strong paving
style, perfect for medium-to-high traffic areas.
Circular 1


As the name suggests; bricks are laid at a starting point in the centre and additional bricks are laid in a circular pattern expanding outwards. This pattern is most commonly used in gardens, driveways, and patios to create a focal point in a large area. While the end-result is often beautiful; circular paving can be challenging to plan and will be labour- and material intensive.
Basket Weave 1


Pavers are laid in alternating pairs of horizontal and vertical shapes to provide a historic look that will turn heads. The resulting square shapes can be alternated with tiles or alternating colours to create even more character for your paved area. Basketweave patterns are great for patios, walkways, and other low-traffic areas due to the lack of interlocking stability.
Mixture Of Sizes 1


A beautiful, natural-looking paving design that typically uses
natural pavers and/or a combination of other pavers to create a “random” series of shapes that ultimately work together to create a holistic, eye-catching pattern across larger areas. Staggered paving is perfect for low to-medium traffic areas and good at creating the impression that an area is larger than it may actually be.
Stretcher Bond 1


Also known as stack bond where paving is laid in a linear pattern, side-by-side in covering the paved area. Alternating colours can create a chess board effect, and the otherwise “rigid” lines will help accentuate curved areas. This style is typically used to make small areas appear larger but the lines will highlight any faults or deviations in the ground surface and open areas. Due to the parallel lines and lack of interlocking bricks, stretcher bond is better suited to low-traffic areas.

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